Episode 13: Portugal. The Man

Ep. 13.jpg

A late night ride in the tour van has our hosts wondering: is it illegal to podcast and drive? Portugal. The Man join us on the interview hour to prove that Trail Blazer fans and Lakers fans can coexist peacefully. Also! Dolav shares his conflicting views on Lebron James. Ahri shares his spoiler-free Westworld Season 2 review. Yeti & the Fro dive ever deeper into the minutiae of social media. The verdict? It's 2018, folks. Time to eat that butt. This is Episode 13.

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Produced by Andy Frasco, Yeti, & Chris Lorentz

Audio mix by Chris Lorentz

Featuring: Dolav Cohen ,Ahri Findling, Arno Bakker, Shawn Eckels, & Andee Avila