Episode 15: The Stone Foxes

Ep 15.jpg

In our mission to save the world, we open with a PSA to learn you the importance of protecting yourself from STD's (Sexually Transmitted Demons). We hear some crazy stories from Yeti's past and learn why he's never seen a single Harry Potter movie. Also! San Francisco rock band, The Stone Foxes, are up on the interview hour and talk genre labeling, music licensing, and how gentrification is stifling the music scene of the bay area. The Cocuzza Bros reminisce about that one time... This is Episode 15.

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Produced by Andy Frasco, Yeti, & Chris Lorentz

Audio mix by Chris Lorentz

Featuring: Ahri Findling, Shawn Eckels, Matt & Chad Cocuzza, & Arno Bakker