Episode 33: George Porter Jr.

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Episode 33 of the World Saving Podcast is as salty as that Mexican Gulf it got recorded on. De band went on Jam Cruise - that ship of fools filled with the creme de la creme of the jam band scene, and those crazy fans craving for more. More music, more party, more alcohol, more madness. The show is co-hosted by Lady of the Ship Annabel Lukins and Spoonfed Tribesman Chad Cocuzza, starring the illustrious George Porter Jr. talking about music, life, playing the bass and everything else that hit the decks.

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Produced by Andy Frasco, Joe Angelhow, & Chris Lorentz

Audio mix by Chris Lorentz

Featuring: Ahri Findling, Brandon Miller , Arno Bakker, Annabel Lukins , & Chad Cocuzza