Episode 5: Eric Krasno


Wherein the Fro learns that gerbils are non-refundable. Yeti enlightens us on some Dutch history. And what's this? Frasco lands an interview with Eric Krasno!? Holy smokes! Party people, repeat after us: FREE JOHNNY HOLLAND. This is Episode 5, y'all.

For more information on Andy Frasco, tour dates, the band and the blog, go to: AndyFrasco.com For more information on our guest Eric Krasno, visit: http://www.erickrasno.com/

Produced by Andy Frasco, Yeti, & Chris Lorentz

Engineered by Chris Lorentz

Featuring Arno Bakker, Shawn Eckels, Andee Avila, Brian Schwartz, Jack Brown (Sophistafunk) ... and one random, beautiful porn star